Do I need to cook this pan of food?

No! This meal is fully prepared and ready to eat! The whole idea is to save you time so you can spend more time with your loved ones.

How do I keep the food warm if we are not going to eat it for a while?

We recommend keeping it in a warm oven on KEEP WARM setting or setting oven temp to 170F for up to 4 hours.

how do I order?

Easiest way is to stop into our Kitchen Location (643 S. 25th st suite 7) and pick up out and purchase a pan. Otherwise you can use this form to place a pre order pan.

How do I get Delivery?

Please place orders for delivery using the GRUB HUB app or WAITR app.  

Can I freeze the meals?

Certainly! We recommend breaking the meal(s) down into smaller portions. When reheating we recommend 5-6 minutes in the microwave or until internal temperature reached 165F. We also recommend freezing the meals 3-4 days after purchasing. Please discard meals not consumed or frozen after 6 days of purchasing. If freezing meals, please use with in 3 months.

how do you all make money with these great prices?!?!?!?

We are locally owned and operated by one owner and founder, Chef Aaron Young. Their are no other investors or corporations to report back to or profit share with. Chef Aaron’s motto is, “As long as I can pay my team, pay my bills, and make some money. I am happy.” That attitude has kept ChefauChef in business, and profitable, since 2012.

Thank you for your business! -AY