What is wham bam meal in a pan?


It is a chef prepared meal with a homemade feel that is a really good deal!

Plain and simple, we all live very busy lives and cooking at home is time consuming and messy. We want to help make life a little more easy and delicious for you!

Wham Bam Meal in a Pan is designed to provide a home cooked meal, ready to eat, all in one pan. Each meal will feature one protein, vegetables, and a starch that you pick from our weekly menu options.

How much is this pan of food? Starts at $13 for 2 people at walk in price and as high as $40 for 6 portion pan for home delivery price.

We offer three portion sizes in a pan:

2 portions, 4 portions, or 6 portions

Walk in prices are our best value. 2-$13, 4-$20, 6-$30

For delivery, please use the Metro Dinning Delivery, WAITR, or Grub Hub APP

For every pan purchased we will donate $1 to the Food Bank of Lincoln. While feeding your family/friends, we all will be helping to feed other families in our own community!

January through July of 2019, our donations have helped feed over 9000 people! Way to go Wham Bam-ers! Thank you!

We are open Monday through Thursday from 330pm till 7pm or until we run out of food.

Pick up/ Pick out location: 643 S. 25th st Suite 7